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Protect Your Property Against Coronavirus

The Covid-19 pandemic is like no other event in recent world history. As of early April, there are 1,436,198 cases worldwide and 85,522 deaths in 212 countries around the world. Apart from the devastating health effects of the outbreak, there are also catastrophic economic and welfare consequences of this disease.

While many factors remain unknown about the disease, there are many practices that organizations should take to minimize the risk and effects of the spread of the disease. As it relates to businesses and organizations around the world, there are critical processes and practices that should be applied to their facilities. The key to keeping employees and customers happy and healthy is proper sanitation.

Germs can spread quickly in areas that are exposed to human wastes and other bodily fluids. While an offensive odor is often the first indicator that your space needs special care, some sanitation hazards bypass the senses. Germs accumulate rapidly on surfaces, light switches, sinks, door handles, chairs, seats, couches, tables, and anywhere individuals can touch.

Though we can’t see them with the naked eye, these pathogens can cause debilitating sickness to everyone. When you need to keep your space clean and safe from disease-causing germs, it’s time to employ the decontamination and disinfectant services from We Clean San Diego.

We Clean San Diego has been keeping workers, students and customers safe through its disinfecting services in San Diego, California for 10 years. From what we know about the Covid-19 virus, it can live outside the body for many days on a variety of surfaces. The remediation required for the virus is not a simple process.

Utilizing our decontamination and disinfecting services, we are able to adapt and enhance our process to any facility configuration. Our unique process addresses the requirements of the cleaning industry and utilizes products and equipment recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency.

These processes dictate strict adherence to a three-step decontamination and disinfection method in order to drastically drop the “viral load”. This viral load minimization is key to reducing the transmission of the virus. The investment in equipment and materials necessary to perform the viral remediation is significant, but We Clean San Diego is prepared and ready to assist your organization.

By periodically reapplying the remediation process will reduce the risk of the presence of the virus in your workplace. This is recommended by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) and the Global Bio-risk Advisory Council (GBAC).  

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